Level 4: Past Life Regression


About the course

Duration: 4 Weeks 

Venue: iHNLP 

Eligibility: You must have completed at least Level 2 of this course.

USP: Step by Step Practical Approach



Past Life Regression Training Course

Past Life Regression Therapy or PLR Therapy is pretty useful when You can’t understand what to do. There may be many issues that do not have any known reason. There are several physical and mental issues that do not diagnosed by any method but the symptoms insist. Medical doctors put their hands up. The cause of the problem may be rooted in a previous life. You may believe or you may not believe in re-incarnation theory but this technique works beautifully. Let us explore the concept of reincarnation a little more just to give you a better grasp of the philosophy behind this concept.

Content of Course

  • A Review of Basic Hypnotherapy

  • Various concepts of re-incarnation

  • Preparing the client for Past Life Regression

  • Initial Interview from the Past Life point of view

  • Understanding the client’s expectations

  • Inductions for Past Life Therapy

  • Creating a PLR Script

  • Organising a complete PLR Session

  • Interview of the client after s/he comes out from PLR hypnotic state

  • Ethics

  • Legal Issues

  • Final Exam

  • Certification: Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy

Outcome of the course

After completing this course you will be able to understand what is reincarnation or past life. You will  also be able to organise a PLR therapy session to help your client.

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