Level 1: Hypnotherapy for Beginners

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About the course

Duration: 4 Weeks 

Language: Hindi / English Mix

Venue: iHNLP / Online Via Zoom Video Meeting. 

Eligibility: You must be at least 18 years old.

USP: Step by Step Practical Approach



Hypnotherapy for Beginners

This step by step Hypnotherapy for Beginners course is very professionally designed. You can learn hypnosis easily and naturally. This online course will open the secret doors of the mind. You can use the powers of mind as you want. You may choose Hypnosis as your career. You can use it in any aspect of life.

Content of Course

  • Introduction

  • Historical Approach

  • The Theory of Mind

  • Initial Interview

  • Complete Process of hypnosis

  • Organizing a Hypnosis Session

  • Ethics

  • Legal Aspects of Hypnotism in India

  • Final Exam

  • Certification: Certified Hypnotist

Outcome of the Course

After successfully completing this course you will have a firm knowledge of Hypnotherapy. You will be able to organize a hypnosis session and help people to program their mind according to their need.

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