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Hypnosis & NLP Training

If you are looking for NLP Training in India specially in Delhi NCR, you are in the right place. Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming  and Program Your subconscious Mind for getting what you want and help others to make their life better. You can use NLP for better results in every aspect of life.  It may be health or your career or business or it may be relationship or emotional issues. We offer various NLP and Hypnosis Courses.

NLP Training Workshop

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Hypnosis Training Workshop

Hypnosis Courses
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Online Hypnosis and NLP Courses

We also provide a range of online courses in both the areas NLP as well as Hypnosis. So you can Register for online courses if you have limited time or whether you are at a long distance from us. 

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NLP Training

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We provide different levels of  NLP Training Programs: 

2 Days; NLP Workshop for Subconscious Reprogramming   

2 Days; NLP Practitioner’s Training Workshop 

2 Days; NLP Master Practitioner’s Training Workshop 

5 Days; NLP Trainer’s Training Workshop 

You can also register for: 

Personal Session 

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Book a personal NLP session or Hypnosis  session to turn your weaknesses into your strengths. 

Overcome your limiting beliefs or unwanted behaviour.

Resolve your relationship issues and get the life you want

Get rid of painful memories from your past and explore your future.

Overcome social media and porn addiction. 

Hypnosis Training 


We provide different levels of  Hypnosis Training Programs:

Basic/Advanced Hypnosis Course (2/3 Days)

Clinical Hypnotherapy (6 Days)

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (6 Days)

Integrated Diploma in Hypnotherapy (10 Days)

You can also Register for:

Our Mission:  

iHNLP has been established to spread the awareness about mind powers, mental health and well being. It is dedicated to provide quality training of Hypnosis and NLP.  At iHNLP, we teach you how to program your mind for getting what you want. We are here with a mission to help you achieving your personal and professional goals.

Please Note ! 

The information provided here is for educational purpose only. This information should not be used as a medical advice or as an alternate of professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always go to your doctor in case of a medical need.

Our Hypnosis and NLP products and services do not claim to diagnose or cure any disease. These products and services are learning based natural healing modality that should be used as a complimentary with the medical advice. If you need medical help always see your doctor and do as he instructed.