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NLP Training

Learn NLP: Transform Your Life!

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iHNLP is a prominent NLP training institute situated in India where you can learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, past life regression and other mind power related courses online and offline.  

NLP Training

Learn NLP the most advanced technology of mind programming.

Learn how to drive your own brain

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Online Courses

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Specially designed for busy learners

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Hypnosis Training

Learn hypnosis and unleash the powers of your subconscious mind.

Learn the secrets of subconscious mind

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Personal Coaching

Rewire your brain and get the right mindset for getting what you want

Get the results 10 time faster

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Audio Products

Download hypnosis and NLP mp3 recordings to program your mind.

Specially designed just for you

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Personal Counselling

Resolve your relationship issues, negative emotions & unwanted behaviour.

Heal your emotional issues right now

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Who Can Learn ?

These courses are aimed at anyone who wants to unleash the powers within subconscious mind.

Our courses are highly recommended for teachers, coaches, trainers, motivational speakers, therapists and all those who are in the field of skill development or therapy. 

Our course will help you and your clients to program your subconscious mind like a computer for getting what you want easily and quickly. 

nlp Training

Our Mission 


iHNLP has been established to spread the awareness about mind powers, mental health and well being. It is dedicated to provide quality NLP training, Hypnosis training and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy.  At iHNLP, we teach you how to program your mind for getting what you want. We are here with a mission to help you achieving your personal and professional goals.

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