Phobia of heights

Phobia of height: past life connection

To remove the phobia of height, a young lady Ms. Jyoti (Name Changed) aged about 30 years old visited us. I hypnotized her to remove her phobia of height. The session was not successful as she was frightened badly and she was out of breath during the session. I could not continue the session as she was not ready to co-operate any more due to her fear; I terminated the session half way and bring her back to the normal conscious state.

Then I investigated more about her life challenges. I came to know that she was passing through many failed relationships. Recently she got divorced. I advised her for Past Life Regression and she made an appointment for another day. On the fixed day she came on time and I conducted a Past Life Regression Session keeping her phobia of height in mind.

She saw herself in a hill area in one of her past life as a young lady of 21 years in 1868. In that life her name was ‘NISHA’. She met a young guy of her age whose name was ‘AMAN’ in a train during a journey of some temple of North India. They got closed and fall in love for each other. After some time, they got married against the will of their parents. As the story progresses, they faced many financial problems as Aman was unemployed. They started quarreling each other. He would blame Nisha for the bad time they were going through. After a few months, the parents of Aman contacted them and convinced him to go home back.  

Aman promised his parents to go home back. He decided to leave Nisha and go home alone. Nisha begged her husband not to leave her but Aman did not change his mind. They got many fights for the following days; Nisha could not make her husband to take her with himself.  Finally; Aman left his wife at night and went to his parent’s house.

In the morning Nisha did not found her husband with her. She was alone, helpless, depressed. She roamed in search of her husband for many days but he was not to come as he had decided to go his way. Nisha could not go to her parents and finally; she decided to end her life. She climbed a mountain and jumped from there. When she ended her life; she was dressed in green, in this life too she hates wearing anything green. Here we found that the phobia of height and relationships were interrelated and both of them were related to a past life.

In this life this lady was in a romantic relationship with the same guy who was her husband in that life. She could not marry him as she could not convince her parents. She got married with another person of her parent’s choice and got divorced within one year. Now she is single again and in contact of her boyfriend but not committed. She has two other boyfriends too but she is not in the situation to decide which one is better to become her life partner. We advised her to make another appointment for another session. Let’s see what would happen. However she is now free from her phobia of heights.    


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