Level 2: NLP Master Practitioner

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About the course

Duration: 4 Weeks 

Language: Hindi / English Mix

Venue: iHNLP / Your Home Via Zoom 

Eligibility: You should have completed NLP Practitioner Training Course

COURSE USP: Step by Step Practical Approach

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NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

This course will take you to the next level of NLP. Now you have already completed NLP Practitioner Training Course.  You will learn many new concepts and techniques to help yourself and your clients. This course is designed to equip you with many advanced tools of NLP.

Course Content

  1. Representational System in depth study
  2. Meta Modal in depth study
  3. Timeline
  4. Meta Programs
  5. Six Step Re-framing
  6. Belief Change
  7. Lie/Truth Sub-Modalities
  8. Kinesthetic Swish
  9. Personal Trance Words
  10. Magic Words
  11. Words to Avoid
  12. Building Self Confidence
  13. Developing Self Appreciation
  14. Motivational Meta Programs
  15. Logical Levels
  16. New Behaviour Generator
  17. The more, The more Pattern
  18. Anchoring Exercise
  19. Sliding Anchors
  20. The Don’t Pattern
  21. Zip Technique
  22. Compulsion Blow Out
  23. Nested Loops
  24. Accelerated Learning
  25. Auto Pilot to Success


Outcome of the course

After going through this course, you will be a competent NLP Master Practitioner.

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