Level 3: NLP Trainers Training

Rs. 36,000.00

NLP Level 3


Part Time: 2 Weeks

Full Time: 2 Days

Eligibility: You should have completed NLP Master Practitioner Training Course.

COURSE USP: Step by Step Practical Approach


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NLP Trainers Training  Course

You have taken the final step to become a competent NLP Trainer. Take your NLP Practice to the next level by becoming a certified NLP Trainer!  NLP is the most advanced technology mind programming available today.

Content of the Course:

  1. Attributes of a Trainer
  2. Mission
  3. Logical Levels
  4. Root System
  5. 4-Mat System
  6. Prepare for Presentation
  7. Opening Types
  8. Metaphors
  9. Closing
  10. Charisma Builder
  11. Utilisation
  12. Zone Exercise
  13. Chunk Down the Content
  14. Success Track
  15. Movement Style
  16. Training Design
  17. Know Your Audience
  18. Combine NLP and Hypnosis
  19. Design Format
  20. Geo Model
  21. Standard Presentation Format
  22. Select the Subject
  23. Demonstration
  24. Unzip
  25. Anchoring
  26. Nested Loops
  27. Feedback
  28. Meta Model Outline
  29. Re-Framing
  30. Ethics


Outcome of the course

This course will take your NLP Practice to the next level by becoming a certified NLP Trainer.

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